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High-quality, Australian Standards (AS1319-1994) workplace signage.
Prohibition, Warning, Caution, Information, Emergency, Fire, and Danger signs.

Warning Signs
These signs are a warning of a hazard or hazardous situation that is not likely to be life threatening.
The shape is a black triangle with a yellow interior and a black symbol.
If text is used it is black lettering on a yellow background.

Emergency Signs.
These signs show the location of, or direction to, emergency related facilities such as exits, first aid, and safety equipment.
These signs feature a white symbol and/or text on a green background.

Information/General Signs
These signs communicate information of a general nature, to avoid misunderstanding or confusion.

Mandatory Signs
These are considered mandatory signs indicating that an instruction must be carried out.
Generally the symbols are white, and appear on a blue disc, with text.

Danger Signs.
These signs are a warning of a hazard or hazardous situation that can be life threatening.
The red, black and white danger sign is text only, symbols are not used.

Prohibiton Signs.

Sign sizes/types and their respective viewing distances.
12mt = 300 x 225mm - Metal and Corflute
18mt = 450 x 300mm - Metal and Corflute
27mt = 600 x 450mm - Metal and Corflute

Predrilled hole in each of the four corners.

Postage and Handling
Flat rate postage throughout Australia $16, and $2 each additional item thereafter.

Please dont hesistate to contact us for any enquiry regarding any type sign/sticker needs.

Whatever your signage or decal needs are, OzSigns has you covered.

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Workplace Safety Sign






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